All our lessons utilise a mixture of teaching styles and techniques. As well as instrumental tuition, students also learn about music theory, history and composition. Our balanced curriculum has been designed to cover the key components of music, and is taught in a relaxed environment where the work is tailored to the individual's ability. Skills such as independent learning and self discipline are encouraged and digital learning tools are integrated across our curriculum to make learning more accessible and interactive.


We offer instrumental tuition in piano or chanter to students of all ages, learning to play at their own pace and build up a broad and varied repertoire of musical styles including baroque, classical, jazz, traditional, modern and pop.


Music theory is a fundamental part of training to be a musician. We teach theory as part of our lessons with assessments along the way. In addition, we also offer individual theory lessons aiming towards sitting the ABRSM Theory Exams.


Music history is an important element of our curriculum. Our students gain a valuable understanding of how music has developed through time and been shaped by world events. 


Musical composition encourages creative thinking while helping to develop a stronger understanding of music theory and increasing literacy skills.


We believe assessing our students work and recognising their achievements is essential to making strong progress. We ensure students have the opportunity to undertake our own in-house music assessments as well as ABRSM exams.