All our lessons use a mixture of teaching styles, techniques and resources. As well as instrumental tuition, students also learn theory, history and composition. Our balanced curriculum has been designed to cover the key components of music, and is taught in a relaxed environment where the work is tailored to the individual's ability. 


Our specially developed assessments allow us to track our students progress in line with our curriculum. Assessments cover a broad scope of areas such as practical performance, theory, history, literacy and listening skills.

Boyd Award for Composition

Every year our students have the opportunity to take part in our composition project, getting to compose their own piece of original music. Each entry is digitally transcribed and recorded. All pieces are entered into the competition and the winner is announced at the end of October.

Early Education

We have specially designed a curriculum suited to kids aged 3 to 5. This curriculum aims to encourage musical awareness and understanding through a series of games and activities.

Knowledge Hub

All our students have access to a range of resources on our digital learning platform.

Music Library

Our expanding collection of resources contains printed and digital scores, audio and visual recordings and reference books. All of these resources are available to our students to assist their learning.

Project 30

Our students are challenged to build a broad and varied repertoire of thirty pieces of music, with the aim of gaining a wider practical knowledge in a variety of musical styles and forms, while improving sight-reading skills and self-discipline.


We have our own range of workbooks covering areas such as theory, history, concepts and technical exercises.